Beyond Key Ushers in New Era of Insurance Analytics with Cutting-Edge Dashboard

Brand News 24 | March 27, 2024

Chicago, Illinois, United States, 27th Mar 2024 - Beyond Key has launched its revolutionary new Insurance Analytics Dashboard, delivering transformative data-driven capabilities for insurers seeking a competitive edge. 

"Our real-time dashboard represents a seismic shift for insurers needing to harness the power of analytics," said Piyush Goel, CEO of Beyond Key. 

Powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning, the dashboard provides insurers with comprehensive data visualization, predictive analytics, and fully customizable views to optimize operations and drive growth. 

Key features 

  • Instant access to critical KPIs and metrics for data-backed decision-making 
  • Integrated predictive analytics to foresee risks and future trends 
  • Customizable dashboard views tailored to each client's unique needs 
  • Streamlined claims monitoring to boost efficiency and customer satisfaction 
  • Automated compliance tracking for adherence to regulatory standards 

"We aim to arm insurers with the actionable intelligence needed to achieve greater efficiency, sustained growth, and market leadership," said Piyush. 

With over 20 years as an insurance analytics leader, Beyond Key is pioneering much-needed innovation in a sector ripe for disruption.  

Pain Points Addressed 

  • The new dashboard addresses common pain points faced by insurers: 
  • Valuable data locked in disparate legacy systems 
  • Inability to visualize the complete customer journey 
  • Limited fraud detection and risk mitigation capabilities 
  • Manual compliance checks eating up resources 
  • High operating costs and wasted spend 

"Our dashboard enables insurers to unlock the full potential of data for strategic advantage. We are leading the shift from gut feel to data-driven decisions." 

The Insurance Analytics Dashboard forms the cornerstone of Beyond Key’s transformative approach to leveraging data.  

Complementary solutions 

  • Customer Journey Analytics: Visualize individual customer journeys to optimize engagement 
  • Fraud Prediction: Identify high-risk claims using AI to minimize losses 
  • Risk Scoring: Calculate more accurate risk scores for underwriting and pricing 
  • Process Automation: Streamline manual processes like compliance to reduce costs 

With the most advanced suite of insurance analytics solutions on the market, Beyond Key is guiding insurers into a new era where data is king.  

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